Counselor's Distance Learning 2020 Resources

Some important information during these times:
How to take care of yourself during this Shelter In Place:
How to appropriately wash your hands:
Practical guidelines on being productive while working at home:
Project Wisdom
Write a small reflection during this Distance Learning experience using the pdf files below!
Have you been watching the news lately?  Are you noticing people not behaving well?  These are interesting times where people sometimes don't act like themselves.  Read the Project Wisdom journal entry below and reflect on it.  Be safe everyone!
Battle the boredom!  Check out these YouTube videos to battle the boredom of being at home as you complete your Distance Learning assignments!  Remember to take breaks to stay mentally sharp.  
Learn to draw with this step by step tutorial:
How to keep your bedroom clean all the time:
15 Minute Flexibility Routine for Beginners Tutorial:
Wellness Wheel Information